Oval Fat/Slim Chainring 104 bcd

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Lightest chainrings on the market

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Oval chainrings chain rings

Why Oval Chainring

As the story goes, Oval was next best thing, so we gave it a try, and we loved it. With special angle, Shovel oval chainrings will make you have more power on the downhill side, while going uphill, you will be left feeling you are riding a small chainring. 34T oval will act as 36T while shredding your way down, and 32T as struggling uphill.  Who likes to uphill anyways…

   Fat/Slim design

Shovel chainrings have been tested for over 2 years before release, to ensure the best chainring design and quality. Fat teeth design is specially done by adding extra surfaces of which mud can slide of, retaining the chain in every condition. 

Howevery, if you are riding bike park, some unexpected front flips can occur, so we would recommend to get a chainguide, just in case of some eject event.

Chainring chain ring
Oval chainring chain ring

Oval Fat/Slim Chainring 104 bcd

As all of Shovel products are champions in weight reduction, as in toughness, our chainrings are no exception. With 38 grams, this Oval Fat/Slim Chainring is the the total weight saver. With open bolt design, we have also saved some weight, but not losing the structural integrity.
By removing the material from bolts, we have gained a lot of clearance when removing the chainring, so no more unnecessary crank removal.

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Black, Blue, Red, Titanium

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12 spd compatible