Carbon Series

Ultimate lightweight chain guides


DH Carbon

With ONLY 95 grams of weight, this chain guide is lightest downhill beast in the galaxy and wider universe.
This is ultimate lightweight downhill chain guide, used by World Cup racers as well as confident everyday riders.



Ultra light German CF is used in all of our ultimate product line. Best toughness/weight ratio, and pure bike porn look.

Enduro Carbon

Ultimate performance downhill chain guide. 60 grams.  Livin la vida loca


Titanium bolts

We are specialy proud that our guides are mounted and assembled with grade 5 titanium bolts. Bolts are specially designed to withstand the hardest of rocks. Extra firmness, ultra lightweight and corrosion free guarantee the ultimate ride.

Light Enduro Carbon

This chain guide is specially designed for trail and AM use, coupled with NW chainring, enclosed in 25 grams is used on Enduro tracks with light terrain. Carbon backplate coupled with Titanium hardware are used to tighten all the parts of chain guide, with minimum amount of weight.