Light Enduro Carbon Chain guide

This chain guide, designed specifically for trail and AM use, coupled with a NW chainring, enclosed in 25 grams, is used on light Enduro tracks. Carbon backplate coupled with titanium hardware is used to tighten all the parts of the chain guide, with minimum amount of weight.

Carbon chain guides
Chainguide chain guide

Titanium bolts

We are especially proud of our guides being mounted and assembled with grade 5 titanium bolts. The bolts are designed to withstand the hardest of rocks. Extra firm, ultra-lightweight and corrosion-free, they guarantee the ultimate ride.

Twenty9 Chain guide

This chain guide is designed specifically for trail and AM use, to be coupled with a NW chainring, enclosed in 31 grams.

Chainguide chain guide
Chainguide chain guide


Aluminium guides are coloured by anodising. This process ensures that the colour of your guide will not fade; it will be able to take many hits and a lot of washing of your beast. After a lot of research and development, only paint that can match our criteria comes from Switzerland. We can offer you blue, red, titanium/olive and black.


Space-grade aluminium 7075 T651 with 4 mm of thickness is tough enough to take on the hardest of lines, without compromise.


Ultra-light German CF is used in our entire ultimate product line. Best toughness-to-weight ratio and pure bike porn look.