Shovel Carbon Chain Guides

Shovel carbon chain guides currently sit on the throne of weight battle. All of the carbon models are unreal in the weight, but also in toughness. Designing philosophy was pretty simple, to make ultimate chain guide, that will withstand heavy abuse, with minimum amount of weight, minimum amount of service and installation time.

What materials did we use?

Following our philosophy, we actually did not have much room to be picky about the materials, so we needed to pick only the best ones, to make the best chain guide.

  • Titanium bolts

    We are specialy proud that our guides are mounted and assembled with grade 5 titanium bolts. Bolts are specially designed to withstand the hardest of impacts. Extra firmness, ultra lightweight and corrosion free guarantee the ultimate ride. Titanium is stronger as steel and twice as of aluminum, but half in weight. Titan is highly corrosive resistant element, very durable and sturdy.

  • Carbon fiber backplate

    Ultra light German CF is used in all of our ultimate product line. Best toughness/weight ratio, and pure bike porn look.

    The properties of a carbon fiber part are close to that of steel and the weight is close to that of plastic. Thus the strength to weight ratio (as well as stiffness to weight ratio) of a carbon fiber backplate if optimal for Shovel chain guides.

Downhill Carbon Chain Guide


Shovel Downhill Carbon Chain Guide, with ONLY 99 grams of weight, is the lightest downhill racing chain guide on the market.
Weight of the chain guide is currently at the minimum allowed, yet maintaining the toughness of alloy versions.
This is ultimate lightweight downhill chain guide, used by downhill World Cup racers as well as everyday riders.  The taco is made of hard and durable PA plastic, resistant to impacts, with three points of stress relief connected to the backplate. Titanium hardware is used to tighten all the parts of the chain guide. The combination of carbon backplate, titanium hardware makes this chain guide what it is, the best and the lightest World Cup chain guide.

Enduro Carbon Chain Guide


Ultimate carbon Enduro chain guide weighs only 60 grams,  and is designed specifically for enduro and heavy gravity tracks. This Chain Guide is used in World Cup enduro races and everyday shredding.
Carbon backplate is specially 5.3mm thick, so it can withstand ultimate impacts that often occur in enduro riding.
The taco is made of hard and tough plastic and it is resistant to impacts, with two points of stress relief connected to the backplate.
Although durability of the taco is outstanding, we have designed it to flex under heavy impacts, protecting the frame on the ISCG tabs, as well as chain rings.
Only titanium hardware will allow this chain guide to be so tough and resilient in 60 grams package, making ride more enjoyable, without any extra drag.

Light Enduro Carbon Chain Guide


This Carbon Chain Guide is specially designed for AM and Enduro use, coupled with NW chainring. Light Enduro Carbon Chain Guide in 25 grams is used on Enduro medium to heavy trails.
Although this chain guide does not offer protection from trail conditions, it will keep your chain on your chain ring, no matter how gnarly it gets.
Carbon backplate coupled with Titanium hardware are core features that makes this chain guide, as our philosophy reflects to all of Shovel products, this marvel with only 25 grams will keep your chain on the heaviest and easiest of rides.