Still having problems with chain drop and you’re looking for a solution ?

You are disappointed and hard trails destroys you ?
Shovel has ultimate lightweight solution-Downhill Carbon Chain guide!

Downhill Carbon chain guide is high-end product with unique design and unmatched quality.

This Chain guide is used by World Cup racers as well as everyday riders who are confident and cool enough.

With only 95 grams of weight, the chain guide is the lightest downhill beast in the galaxy and wider universe.

Downhill carbon chainguide
Downhill Carbon Chain Guide

Reversed “C” design is one of the key benefits of Shovel Downhill Carbon chain guide, as it allows riders to replace chain guide without removing the cranks.

There is several more essential components that make One25 Carbon chain guide different and more pernicious that competition.

Carbon backplate is the vital part of the Downhill Carbon chain guide, as it provides enough stiffness to protect your precious frame and chain ring from impact.

When encountering massive hits, which tend to happen on DH course, backplate is designed to absorb as much force as possible, before breaking, thus protecting your ISCG tabs from damage.

With 6mm thickness, Carbon backplate provides safeness and makes your bike winsome.

One25 Top guide

Top guide is tough and resilient, small in proportions, with stealthy look, providing silent ride, no matter what conditions are ahead.

Position and shape of top guide allow chainring range in 28-36 in regular and 28-34 when the guide goes on Oval chainring.
Durable material which top guide is made, make it silent and indestructible.

Slider is upgraded and improved with optimize design and quality of material.
With replaceable surface, new slider is quieter than roller, with minimum amount of drag.

New material makes him sturdy and flexible depending on conditions.

No matter how gnarly terrain is, new slider will secure chain retention and prove you safe ride.

Downhill Carbon chain guide Slider
Downhill spare part

Taco is made of hard and durable PA plastic, resistant to impacts, with three points of stress relief connected to the backplate.

It’s designed to be durable and powerful in all kind of conditions and trails.

Titanium hardware is used to tighten all the parts of the chain guide, with minimum amount of weight.

Titanium bolts used in Downhill Carbon chain guide is the essential part of Shovel Components philosophy.

Making the ultimate chain guide, lightweight and the best Downhill chain guide.

Titanium Grade 5 bolts are used in all Shovel Components chain guides.

Titanium adds additional value to Shovel products and that’s one of proofs that we use only highest quality materials.

Carbon chainguide

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