Eighty8 Enduro Chain guide


Enduro series race horse.

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Eighty8 Enduro Chain guide


Eighty8 Enduro Chain guide is designed specifically for enduro and heavy gravity tracks, enclosed in 70 grams of pure simplicity. It is used in World Cup enduro races and everyday shredding. With the same design as Enduro Carbon chain guide, Eighty8 is more affordable,  due the Aluminium 7075 T651 backplate. The main benefit of Eighty8 chain guide is weight and toughness.
The taco is made of hard and durable PA plastic, resistant to impacts, with two points of stress relief connected to the backplate.

Some tech stuff:

  • Weight: Only 70 grams

  • Chain ring range: 28-34T Regular, 28-32T Oval

  • ISCG05 the mount system

  • Aluminium 7075 T651 backplate is the vital part of the chain guide, as it provides enough stiffness to protect your precious frame and chain ring from impact.  Two point of stress relief directed from taco to backplate ensures maximum absorption of impact, keeping ISCG tabs safe and undamaged.
    Sometimes we get carried away and overshoot the landing or just carry way too much speed in some rocky section, and this is where Shovel Eighty8 chain guide comes to rescue.

  • Top guide is small in dimensions and yet bulky enough to keep the chain safely on the chain ring. Eighty8 is perfectly capable of running with oval chain rings.

  • Titanium bolts used in Eighty8 chain guide is the essential part of Shovel Components philosophy. Making the ultimate chain guide, lightweight and resilient. Titanium Grade 5 bolts are used in all Shovel Components chain guides.

  • Shovel Eighty8 chain guide is designed for bike parks, enduro and trail riding, providing ultimate chain retention. We recommend using it with FAT/slim chain rings, as an extra safety feature.

  • Reversed “C” design is one of the key benefits of Shovel Eighty8 chain guide, as it allows riders to replace chain  guide without removing the cranks.

  • Package includes: Shovel Eighty8  chain guide, 3 titanium mounting bolts, spacers, instruction manual, stickers

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